Why Your Home Needs Our Shutters

Sep 21, 2016

Are you searching for classic curb appeal for your home? As onlookers drive past your house, give them something personal and beautiful to gaze at. Not only will you be adding beauty to their neighborhood cruise, but you will also be adding a lot of benefits to the place you call home.

Built to Last

When shopping for shutters, don’t just go the easy route and settle for less than you deserve. Steer clear of those big box stores on every corner, and choose shutters that are built to survive the grit and grime of everyday life. Our high quality lumber adds a custom craftsmanship that cannot be found at your neighborhood shop. Not only that, but shutters are proven to be more durable than other window coverings. Don’t deal with the headache of replacing your window treatments and purchase something that will outlast your home! 

Beautiful and Unique

Shutters are a timeless piece that will only enhance the overall attractiveness of your home. Their clean and classic look will not fade out of style as design trends change over time. Also, if you are considering ever putting your home on the market one day, then shutters are a great route to take for sustaining and even increasing the value of your home. Purchasing your shutters from The Shutter Production ensures you’ll get a custom-designed, one-of-a-kind project, as unique as you are.

Trusted Professionals

The professionals at The Shutter Production have been supplying southeastern North Carolina with quality products and extraordinary experience for over 20 years. The three individuals behind the business have experienced every aspect of the window covering business. Through hard work, dedication, and strong relationships they turned what started as a part-time high school job to a successful and dependable career. You can trust them to offer the best service and finest products in North Carolina!

Grown in the USA

Our employees grew up in North Carolina, and supporting our state and our country is an important part of our company. We’re proud to use lumber grown and harvested right here in America, and even prouder to be a high-quality manufacturer in North Carolina when so many others are sending work abroad. When you support The Shutter Production, you don’t just guarantee a great product—you also build a stronger community.

Serving All Kinds

We do not just serve the residential communities, but we also specialize in commercial and worship locations. We’ve even designed and built many shutters used by the film industry! Our expertise isn’t limited and we make ourselves available to anyone seeking strong, high quality shutters.

Add some personality to your home with beautiful craftsman shutters from The Shutter Production! Our high quality lumber and dedicated professionals will create custom shutters to turn your home into a masterpiece. Shutters are the statement piece of your house. Make it stand out!

Welcome to Wilmington’s One-Stop Shutter Shop

Jul 14, 2016

At the Shutter Production, we understand and appreciate the difference shutters can make in your home. We’ve been designing and installing shutters in Wilmington, NC since 1986, and in that time we’ve established ourselves as Southeastern North Carolina’s premier window covering company.

While shutters might seem like a simple solution, there are a number of categories they can fall into, with each one offering unique challenges and opportunities. Below are five examples of situations in which our services have been called upon. Each project yielded great results, as you can see from our extensive portfolio!

Interior Shutters

Interior shutters are located inside your house, and they’re a classic alternative to blinds. Interior shutters can provide light control and privacy, as they can allow light to stream in while angled to limit the view from outside. A set of shutters in your home immediately elevates any room, and the beauty and personality they provide is one-of-a-kind.

Exterior Shutters

If you’ve ever seen a new home before the shutters are installed, you probably did a double take—the house almost looks naked! That’s because, while exterior shutters were once used for safety and to keep out bad weather, today, they’re considered an aesthetic necessity. We love exterior shutters because they’re a great way to give your house pop and appeal, while increasing its value. The right set of shutters are like a beautiful piece of jewelry. They instantly make a home more beautiful, while signifying a level of care and attention—especially when they’re fitted and installed properly.

Commercial Shutters

In addition to residential homes, we’ve also outfitted many of Wilmington’s businesses with commercial shutters. These establishments include shops, showrooms, restaurant, bars, and warehouses, and their shutters aren’t just for looks—they’re also for security. It’s important these shutters are strong and sturdy, all while capturing the look and feel of the business. It’s also important that your business’s shutters are properly installed. Not only do you risk your goods and services, but if anyone is injured on your property because of your shutters you could face a serious lawsuit.

Worship Locations

A church or temple is meant to be a quiet, introspective place, and window coverings are a vital part of creating that space. We’ve worked with many worship locations in Wilmington to create beautiful shutters that complement their space while also helping their members focus on their spiritual life.

The Film Industry

Wilmington is also known as “Hollywood East” or “Wilmywood,” thanks to our active film industry. Because of the many movies, miniseries, and television shows filmed here, we’ve had the opportunity to help out with our shutters. While you won’t catch us in front of the camera (we prefer to stick to the workshop) you will see that many of our designs and products have been given a starring role on screen—and with good reason!

Whether you have a home, a business, a church, or a film that needs shutters, contact us today. Together we’ll find the window covering solution that satisfies all your needs. When it comes to shutters, we’ve got you covered.